Mixing Cup Holder 1 Oz 8 Cup for your Craft Painting

$19.99 $29.99
Introducing our Mixing Cup Holder - a convenient solution for your crafting needs! This 3D printed holder is designed to accommodate up to 4 cups, each capable of containing 1 oz (30ml) of your chosen materials, whether it's paint, resin, or any other crafting medium. With its innovative design, this holder effectively doubles its capacity by enabling you to stack another set of 8 cups on top, making it capable of holding 8 cups in total. Perfect for various craft applications, the Mixing Cup Holder streamlines your workflow, allowing you to efficiently manage multiple cups while working on your projects. Plus, with a processing time of just 1-5 business days, you can get started on your creative endeavors without delay.
Color: black

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