Miami Heat Tumbler/ Thermal cup


This Miami Heat Tumbler/Thermal Cup is perfect for any fan of the Miami Heat basketball team! It comes in 20oz or 30oz sizes and you can even add glitter for a more stylish look. It also comes with two lids: a sports lid and a plastic lid, so you can choose the one that's best for you. Enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverages with this stylish, durable cup!

Why is adding glitter extra ?

When adding glitter to the tumbler it’s a big job that takes time and lots of materials.
First we have to paint the cup and add glitter. Then we seal the glitter. Then we have to vigorously sand the cup to make sure there is no glitter sticking out. After that process we add multiple layers of FDA compliant epoxy (which isn’t cheap) to seal the cup and give it this beautiful shinny finish. Definitely worth the extra bucks ❤️

Color: Red glitter

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